8 Mar 2012

What Children Learn Naturally

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We are planning to have a samvaad on ‘What Children (we) Learn Naturally’ in Pune, India, on April 13, 14,15. This is part of a series of dialogues we are planning around the questions related to learning, knowing, being etc. The samvaad will be held in the spirit of questioning,self-exploration, reflection, sharing of firsthand experience etc and may not want to indulge in theoretical articulations of so called ‘experts’.

We would like to think afresh on all these questions related to children, schools, community space, etc.

As the event is self funded we have to keep registration fees of Rs 2000  which includes stay and food. Meanwhile do take a look at the background paper and send us your thoughts on the samvaad.

As there is limitation of space we can only have around 30 people. Hence do reply to this mail so that we can intimate you the situation.

Also do forward this to any one who might be interested.
Please reply this to sadhanavillageschool@gmail.com
For Sadhana school
Ranjana/ Jinan

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