21 Mar 2012

Universal Mom by Kapil Sibal

Author: hashcookies | Filed under: Taleemnet

My darling mom
had always dreamt
her son to be, some day,
a medical doctor,
or an engineer,
one who would lead the way.

I had no heart
to tell her that, mother,
you should let me be.
My mind goes numb
when confronted with,
my bête noire, trigonometry.

Give me a simple
sum to solve
and I am all at sea.
Calculus, algebra,
cause embarrassment
and acute mental agony.

All those with
engineering skills
have love for geometry
My world should
have no angles,
no signs of symmetry.

Constantly harassed
medical practitioners
I would rather a patient be,
Have no desire to
spend long years
learning bio-chemistry.

Agonizing, preparing
for brutal exams,
where ulcers are for free.
Wish not to spend
my balance years
dealing with human misery.

Help me be my engineer,
let me ‘doctor’ my
un-chartered destiny.
I know, dear mom,
you love me lots,
but do not plan for me.

Am aware that you want
me to lead the way
but I know what is good for me.
You lead your life,
gave me this world,
don’t steer my life for me.

(This poem with its authorship ascribed to Kapil Sibal was received by Taleemnet. If this be true and if this be the true sentiment of the minister who holds the responsible post of deciding the future of education of the children of India, there is still hope…)

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