Taleemnet associates with people, institutions and networks that support natural and self-directed learning among children and those who never grow old.

This website brings together as many initiatives that are available in this direction. We hope it will become, with your support and interaction, a meaningful location for all kinds of learning outside school walls – including homeschooling and unschooling.

The formal education system represented in millions of schools and school like institutions all over the planet is the single biggest catchment from which minds are recruited, homogenised and harvested today by the commanders of Westernisation and globalisation.

While the globalisation project has provoked rebellion from millions, education has remained for some reason outside of the raging debates and street battles. Taleemnet has been founded to:

For the indigenous people of the five continents of Africa, Asia, Oceania, South and North America, weaving has always been one of their most important economic, technological and artistic skills. Cotton, bamboo, cane, grasses and a variety of other natural fibres have been woven to meet their needs of shelter, clothing and day-to-day objects. As such, the idea of weaving is rich with cultural resonance and meaning to the people of these continents.

The Taleemnet logo, designed by Orijit Sen, depicts the weaving together of the five straight and five wavy strands representing the five elements of the natural world (which are central to the ideas of philosophy, science and art), and the five senses with which we experience and interpret them. The interweaving of the straight and wavy strands symbolises the fusion of the rational and scientific with the spiritual and aesthetic.

Taleemnet welcomes you to its ongoing work and future plans, and places at your disposal links to people, institutions, publications, articles, case studies, videos and films, individual educator profiles — all dedicated to freeing children from the burden of externally directed and externally enforced learning. You can access our resources under the following heads:

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