1 May 2012

Swaraj University, Udaipur

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Is now accepting admission to the July 2012 batch. Age 20-27 years.

Swaraj University is a bold effort to challenge and bring change to the higher education scenario. It allows young adults to create and self design their own learning paths.

At Swaraj University there is a strong focus on sustainability and green entrepreneurship as well as on healthy personal lifestyle choices, community activism, unlearning and co-learning.

Khojis’ (learners/students) from the first batch have already received job offers or are starting their own enterprises. Several have been earning+ learning in their second year and several are experimenting with different facets of the gift culture.

For example:

Jayesh has started Banyan Roots organic store in Udaipur;

Gyan is working as documentary film maker with ‘Ekta Parishad’ social movement;

Vikas is working on naturopathy and pranic healing.

Sakhi has started the Prem-Patra project to promote slow communication and the ancient art of letter-writing.

Rahul is writing and sharing his experiences in development journals.

Orientation programmes for the forthcoming July 2012 batch will be held at Udaipur on 26th and 27th May and at Nasik on 2nd June. More may be scheduled in other places if a group is interested.

More details:


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