28 Apr 2010

Reporting on RTE

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The meeting held at Bangalore on Apr. 18 to discuss how the RTE would affect alternative/innovative schools and homeschoolers had an enthusiastic attendance that surprised all. Based on  inputs from participants, a position paper to approach various agencies is being drafted.

The Delhi High Court in a writ filed by Sandeep Srivatsav on behalf of his daughter, had stated that the aspects of alternative schools and homeschooling were probably missed by the Ministry and that he should approach the Ministry within 8 weeks (from April 13th ) and if not satisfied could go back to the court. This therefore coimpels the Ministry to look into the matter and opens the matter up for negotiations.

In the Meantime, NIOS has communicated to B Ramdas of Vidyodaya, Gudalur that the Open Basic Education Programme will continue for  a time (letter attached).

On April 29, a group meets at Pune for further discussions.

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