22 Sep 2016

Re-imagining Aesthetics

Author: hashcookies | Filed under: Multiversity

K.B Jinan announces a new international conference “From CONDITIONING to AWAKENING” –  on Re-imagining Aesthetic Unfolding –  in which Pawan Gupta, Claude Alvares, Judy Frater and others are speakers.

The conference is being organized to initiate rethinking, re search, explorations and conversations about how to deal with the homogenization and colonization of our aesthetic sensibilities that we have never paid attention to after independence. It looks like it is bit too late as globalization has almost decimated other cultures ways
of knowing and being.

As of now the focus will be about design and architectural education, exploring ways to rethink how aesthetic education needs to be addressed as the most visible element of any culture is the built environment.

So please try to participate in the conference, get involved in this initiative and spread the word.


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