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List of key books by scholars from Asia, Africa and South America

1. Arguments for Islamic Science by Ziauddin Sardar rtf pdf

2. The Beautiful Tree by Dharampal rtf pdf

3. Civil Disobedience in Indian Tradition by Dharampal  pdf

4. Decolonising the Mind by  Ngugi wa Thiong’o   rtf  pdf

5. Dharma, India and the World Order by Chaturvedi Badrinath  rtf   pdf

6. Dominance of the West over the Rest pdf.

7. Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano  rtf. pdf.

8. Eppawala -Destruction of Cultural Heritage in the name of Development by D L O Mendis  rtf. pdf.

9. Essays on Tradition, Recovery and Freedom by Dharampal  rtf. pdf.

10.  How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney  rtf. pdf.

11. Grassroots Post-Modernism by Gustavo Esteva & Madhu Suri Prakash  rtf. pdf.

12. How We Know ed. by Ziauddin Sardar  rtf. pdf.

13. Inhuman Rights  by Winin Pereira rtf. pdf.

14. Human Wrongs rtf. pdf.

15. Indian Science and Technology in the Eighteenth Century by Dharampal  rtf. pdf.

16. Confronting Empire by Eqbal Ahmad rtf.  pdf.

17. Islam and Revolution  – Imam Khomeini rtf.  pdf.

18. Development without Destruction by Nandini Joshi  rtf. pdf.

19. Islam, Liberty and Development by Mohammad Khatami  rtf. pdf.

20. From Colonialism to Independence  by Semakula Kiwanuka   rtf. pdf.

21. Knowledge and People’s Power by Orlando Fals Borda rtf.  pdf.

22. Mohd 1  pdf.

23. Mohd 2  pdf.

24. Mohd 3  pdf.

25. Mohd Iqbal Alatas

26. Moving the Centre  by Ngugi Wa Thiang’o  rtf. pdf.

27. The Invention of Africa by V Y Mudimbe   rtf. pdf.

28. The Myth of the Lazy Native by Syed Hussein Alatas  rtf. pdf.

29. Occidentosis by Jalal Al-I Ahmad  pdf.

30. On the Sociology of Islam – Lectures by A J Shartati  rtf. pdf.

31. One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka  rtf. pdf.

32. Orientalism by Edward W Said  rtf. pdf.

33. Sociology and the Third World Perspective by Orlando Albornoz  rtf. pdf.

34. Panchayat Raj and India’s Polity  by Dharampal    rtf. pdf.

35. Asia and Western Dominance by K. M. Panikkar  rtf. pdf.

36. Gandhi’s Challenge to Modern Science by Sunil Sahasrabudhey  rtf. pdf.

37. Science, Development and Violence by Claude Alvares    rtf. pdf.

38. Staying Alive by Vandana Shiva    rtf. pdf.

39. Synthetic Culture and Development by Renato Constantino   rtf. pdf.

40. The Revenge of Athena ed. by Ziauddin Sardar   rtf. pdf.

41. The Touch of Midas ed. by Ziauddin Sardar  rtf. pdf.

42. Western Origins I  pdf.

43. Western Origins II  pdf.

44. Western Origins III  pdf.

45. White Paradise Hell byNsekuye Bizimana  rtf. pdf.