Multiversity Conference IV

Fourth Multiversity Conference

“Decolonising Our Universities”
June 27th – 29th 2011

Background Conference Papers and Related Documents

  1. Mesembe Ita Edet, On the Teaching of Western Philosophy in African Universities
  2. Ziauddin Sardar, Written out of History
  3. Ziauddin Sardar, University life Why can’t my son enroll for white studies
  4. Emmanuel Ngara, Universals and Local Content in the Curriculum of an African University Some Guiding Principles
  5. Gustavo Esteva, Unitierra Reclaiming our Freedom to Learn
  6. Avijit Pathak, Denial of Freedom Reflections on Prevalent Academic Practices
  7. James Thuo Gathii, Int Law and Eurocentricity
  8. Review Essay: Anti-Colonial Reconstructions of International Legal History
  9. Andre Gunder Frank, Around the World in Eighty Years
  10. Marie Battiste, Toward a Decolonized Approach to Aboriginal Knowledge, Language, and Education
  11. Marie Battiste, Indigenous Knowledge Foundations for First Nations
  12. Marie Battiste, Post Colonial University
  13. Guo-Ming Chen and Yoshitaka Miike, The Ferment and Future of Communication Studies in Asia Chinese and Japanese Perspectives
  14. Elsa M. Gonsalez y Gonzalez & Yvonna S. Lincoln, Decolonizing Qualitative Research: Non-traditional Report Forms in the Academy
  15. Raewyn Connell: Southern Theory: The global dynamics of knowledge in social science (Extract)
  16. M. Shahid Alam, A Eurocentric Problem
  17. Manuela Boatca, Sergio Costa and Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez,Decolonizing_European_Sociology_Intro
  18. Sandra Tomsons, The Eurocentric epistemic hierarchy and Aboriginal rights
  19. Archie Mafeje, Anthropology in Post-Independence Africa: End of an Era and the Problem of Self-Redefination
  20. K C Bhattacharya, Swaraj in Ideas
  21. Anthony Vernon Naidoo, Challenging the Hegemony of Eurocentric Psychology
  22. Jean Phillips, Sue Whatman and others, Decolonising University Curricula
  23. John G. Nyuot Yoh, Decolonising the African Mind.
  24. C.T. Kurien, Teaching of Economics
  25. UNESCO, World Social Science Report, 2010,
  26. Taima Moeke-Pickering & ors, Keeping the Fire Alive: Towards Decolonising Research in the Academic Setting