Dissenting Knowledges Pamphlet Series

This pamphlet series is built on the twin recognition that there is today no more urgent task than understanding the political and epistemological consequences of the imposition of the West upon the entire world, and at the same time endeavoring to work, in myriad ways, towards the decolonization of academic disciplines.

It seeks to furnish intellectuals, scholars, and activists who are committed to harvesting theories of knowledge, livelihoods and lifestyles, and forms of political awareness that are calculated to create more genuine forms of equality, justice, and plurality with a more public forum of informed and dissenting opinion than is customarily available through scholarly monographs and learned journals. The series is edited by Vinay Lal.

1) Gustavo Esteva, Celebaration of Zapatismo
2) Frédérique Apffel-Marglin & Margaret Bruchac, Exorcising Anthropology’s Demons
3) Ashis Nandy, The Twentieth Century: The Ambivalent Homecoming of Homo Psychologicus
4) Vinay Lal, Empire and the Dream-Work of America
5) Roby Rajan, The Tyranny of Economics: Global Governance and the Dismal Science
6) Nancy Scheper-Hughes, The Last Commodity: Post- Human Ethics, Global (In)justice and the Traffic in Organs
7) C. Douglas Lummis, Terror and the Terrorist
8) C.K. Raju, Is Science Western in Origin?
9) James Carse, Ignorance and the Durability of Religion: A Parable
10) D.P. Agrawal, Traditional Knowledge Systems: Culture, Ecology and Ways of Knowing
11) Claude Alvares, A Farewell to the Eurocentric Imagination