TV Multiversity

The internet TV channel for Multiversity launched by Prof. Yosef Progler on the TVU Networks, features an eclectic selection of world cinema, documentary film and educational television with a multicultural emphasis and a focus on the Global South.They can be watched here:

Or by using TVU Player, which is available here:

If using the player, search for channel “86332 Multiversity.” The programmes rotate. Channel programming will be updated regularly.So check the TV Guide for details at regular intervals.

The Youtube channel for the Multiversity can be found here –

Comments and suggestions are most welcome, including programming suggestions but especially comments regarding broadcast quality and reception in your area. The channel is seeking a balance between quality and bandwidth, to take advantage of broadband where it is available but to not exclude those who may not have broadband. You can leave a message directly on the channel or send an email to:

If you have Multiversity related video content and would like to see it included, in particular video clips (edited or unedited) of Multiversity meetings and conferences or programs about your own organizations and activities, please write to arrange submission and inclusion of your materials.