12 Aug 2011

Jinan at Sadhana School

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We are on to an  experiment in reimagining schools.

As you probably know I have been working on two issues related to schooling and children: study of the cognitive damage of modern schooling and the biological process of making sense of the world.

My 25 years of experimentation with children, adults, literate and non literate communities has lead me to a small school in the outskirts of Pune called Sadhana School run by an NGO called Sadhana Village working with rural communities nearby and mentally challenged people in that area. This school has agreed to allow me to implement my understanding of Biological processes to reorganize their school.

The new model once implemented can be sensitively incorporated in any other schooling system making sure that it is not turned into another methodology.

My first session got over and it was from 27th June to 2nd July. I am also documenting the process with the help of friends from FTI. In fact we used two video cameras and 5 digital cameras to document the process. The teachers were also documenting various activities of children. We will soon upload some videos.

The school is English medium. So we are trying out ways of getting children to learn English by understanding the way they learned Marathi.

Another interesting aspect is to explore how to use digital tools to enhance learning. For example the use of digital camera, voice recorder etc might help children to enhance their observation. So we are also requesting you to donate these if possible.

I am attaching with this mail a detailed outline of my philosophy and how I intend to carry forward this project.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Warm Regards,

KB Jinan

About Sadhana school and the Programme

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