2 Feb 2011

Dumping western social sciences

Author: hashcookies | Filed under: Multiversity

You may have missed this article from the Washington Post on a subject that is of great interest to Multiversity: Iranians dumping some prominent western social sciences.


We may ask when other countries are going to do likewise. Reasons for the conduct of the Iranians may be virtuous or otherwise, but what sense does it make to send millions of students to institutions in India or South Africa to mug American texts on psychology or European texts on sociology when their own societies do not think or behave either like Americans or Europeans?

An important question to ask is whether these self-titled “advanced” societies are paragons of virtue, samples of great human beings or civilized conduct, so that the rest of the world should learn from them. We don’t think so at all. So why copy their social science?

The fourth Multiversity Conference on Challenging Academic Imperialism is scheduled for Penang from June 27-29, 2011. The Conference will help scholars share work on non-Eurocentric curricula and methodologies. We need an “Egyptian” type of revolution in the academy. More than a hundred years of the tyranny of Eurocentric social sciences needs to be brought to an end. Find more details in the weeks ahead at this website.

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