4 Sep 2016

Hamari Shiksha

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A Workshop Exploring Innovations in Education (India)
Oct 8-11th, 2016

Let’s get together and understand education, and what it means for different people. Let’s listen to the stories of people who have chosen to create a change in the educational system, and why?

These four days should instill a deeper understanding about the current landscape of education, different avenues of change possible, and the ways you can be part of the journey. We will hear from people working at policy level and its implementation, people working at the grassroots, people making change within the system, as well as people finding their own path outside of it. This workshop is recommended for 20-30 year olds who are interested in education-related issues or are looking for ways to be a change maker.

Hamaari-Shikshaa-Flyer-Oct 2016

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