22 May 2012

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The Sudbury Valley School

By Daniel Geenberg

Year-2012; Pages-200; Price: Rs. 300/-

In the late 1960’s Daniel Greenberg – an American physicist was looking for a child friendly school near Boston for his own children. He couldn’t find one. So, a few likeminded parents got together and started The Sudbury Valley School.

This book is simply written, shorn of all educational jargon. It recounts the inspiring story of this marvelous school where children can “just be”. There is no curriculum, no classes, no grades, no coercion, no uniforms, no bells and none of the rituals which define a regular school.

Here children are treated as responsible citizens and they carry the burden of their own education. Unless asked, the teachers “stay away” from the children. Here children discover their own innate interests and then gallantly pursue them. And because they chose them, they also rough it out and learn them well. So, children become the true architects of their own education.

The book has been translated into Marati and Hindi by Arvind Gupta. Read the foreword to the book written by Arvind Gupta here.

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