6 Aug 2011

Decolonising on Video/TV

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The complete proceedings from the Multiversity International Conference on Decolonising Our Universities can be viewed through TV Multiversity.

There are four interrelated locations for these materials, each emphasizing a different aspect of the conference proceedings:

1) TV Multiversity on Vimeo now has complete videos from all eleven sessions of the conference, including the opening and closing sessions. They are two hours in length and available for viewing and downloading.


2) TV Multiversity on YouTube features short excerpts from each of the eleven conference sessions, between 12 to 15 minutes in length. At some point in the future, time permitting, I will try to upload additional short excerpts but for now these can provide a collection of highlights that point to the complete proceedings and other conference resources.


3) TV Multiversity on TVU Networks includes in the broadcast lineup for August the compete proceedings of the conference, interspersed with other Multiversity events, videos from our sister organizations, and a selection of educational television, documentary film and world cinema.


4) The TV Multiversity blog brings these materials together by way of two conference reports summarizing the events of each session, and which point to the above videos and other conference related resources. The blog also houses a growing collection of media themed articles, essays and reviews related to the interests of Multiversity, nearly all of which are available for the first time on the internet through our concerted efforts.


Please share these links with your colleagues, students, friends and others who may be interested in what we have achieved at Penang.

Each of the four above venues includes a comments section, and you can all show your support for TV Multiversity by leaving a comment.

I’d also like to invite you to contribute materials for TV Multiversity. As I noted in the conference, we are particularly interested in brining to the internet media that are not currently available online. This can include videos featuring your own activities and lectures, it can include creative works made by yourself, your students or through various film and video festivals with which you may have been involved, and it can also include media made by others but which are not available on the internet, such as NGOs or other organizations, particularly those that are producing open access materials. I also invite you to contribute media themed short articles, essays and reviews for the TV Multiversity blog. All of these materials can be new or old, but I’d like to encourage especially making available older materials to counter the presentist bias of the internet.

You can send these materials directly to me on physical media, such as  DVD, VHS or VCD, or you can upload them onto file sharing websites or cyberlockers and then send me the info so that they can be downloaded and processed for one or another of the channels listed above. Links from other sites are less useful for this project, as they are difficult or impossible to extract and even so the quality suffers, but if you have links to promote they can be added to the links section on the blog. If you have something to share or if you need technical assistance for any of this, please don’t hesitate to reply. TV Multiversity is what we make of it and I’d like us all to work together to make it both memorable and valuable.

Knowledge needs people and it needs to be free.

Many thanks for your contributions.

With best wishes,

Yusef Progler for TV Multiversity

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