29 Dec 2011

Decolonised Phil of Science Workshop

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Multiversity’s international workshop on a “decolonised” Philosophy of Science course (graduate/postgraduate level)

Multiversity, with offices at Penang, Goa and Tehran, proposes to facilitate a week long workshop which will prepare a “decolonised” curriculum on the Philosophy of Science. Most universities do not have such a course of study. If they do, this is mostly structured around some well known names mostly from the western world (including Popper, Kuhn and Feyerabend).

Local organiser of the workshop is the brand new AlBukhary University, located in Kedah, Malaysia. The workshop dates are from 25 March 2012 to 1 April 2012. (Participants will arrive on 25th and depart on April 1, 2012.)

You are invited to select competent persons who would like to be part of this workshop. We recommend selection of persons who have a background in science and/or mathematics and who may be part of your university’s programmes to initiate or modify “philosophy of science” courses within the university. We also recommend younger rather than older lecturers for the workshop.

The workshop will be conducted by Prof. C.K. Raju who is presently Visiting Professor at the School of Mathematics at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. However, since the workshop programme is being circulated in advance, any of the persons participating in the workshop would be welcome to also address the workshop on areas in which they have core competence.

The specific and limited objective of the workshop: to prepare a curriculum of studies for a philosophy of science course in Asian universities including a syllabus.

The travel to and from Malaysia will be committed by your institution. Local hospitality (including board and lodging) will be made available by AlBukhary University.

Please act on this urgently as we have just three months to go before the workshop.

About Prof. C.K. Raju:

He was awarded the 2010 Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science Award for pointing out an error made by Albert Einstein in his special theory of relativity.

Raju website: http://ckraju.net/

About AlBukhary University:

Website: http://www.aiu.edu.my/

About Multiversity:

Website: www.multiworldindia.org

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