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Only 1 day left to apply for the Hacking the Education System fellowship. 


The Hacking the Education System Fellowship Application is now available online. . The Fellowship will run from May-June, 2016

Last Date for Submission in Feb 29, 2016.

29 Feb 2016

Hacking the Education System

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Here are details of the next all India Home Schoolers Conference being held at Khandala, near Mumbai, from February 21-25, 2014. You have to apply or register before February 15, 2014. It’s always been a great event for all those attending: for those who come to learn and for those who have much to share.

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7 Feb 2014

Homeschoolers Conference

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Multiversity would like to bring the following international education congress and related events organised by the Shruti Foundation, Delhi, to your urgent attention:

The WE ASC Education Culture Congress January 17-19, 2013
The Global Student Essay Competition 
The Teacher Training Workshop on Curriculum Development for Mentoring

The INAUGURAL AND PLENARIES – 17TH – 19TH JANUARY 2013 are as follows:

Introduction to WE ASC Congress 2013 by Convener

Inaugural by Dr. SAM PITRODA (Advisor to PM on Innovations and Infrastructure.       

Presidential Address: Dr KARAN SINGH (President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations

Plenaries:  Dr. SONAL MANSINGH (Padma Vibhushan – Founder for Indian Classical Dances),
Dr Pawan Agarawal (Adviser, Education – Planning Commission),
ROB LYNES (Director, British Council India).
SHEKHAR KAPOOR (International Film-maker),
Dr DineshSingh (Vice Chancellor Delhi University -TBC),
Dr. BUNKER ROY (Social Activist andFounder Barefoot College),
Dr. SHOVANA NARAYAN (Kathak Maestro),
Dr. ALKA PANDE (Director, Visual Arts Gallery, IHC) and other eminent global dignitaries 
The Global Student essay competition deadline for college and school students has been extended to 30th December 2012.

Please participate and outreach to your mailing lists, e-groups, social networks, family and friends ASAP.



Founder, Shruti Foundation India | |

Correspondence Address – UK :
Stranmillis University College, Stranmillis Road, Belfast BT9 5DY
Phone: +447440438308

India Address: 
Shruti Foundation
206 Southex Plaza, 389 Masjid Moth, 
South Extension Part II, New Delhi 110049 | 
Phone: +91 11 26252532 |  +91 11 26259209 | Mobile: +919810078925
Fax: +9126251574

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8 Dec 2012

World Education Congress

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A body of home schooling parents have formed a nation-wide group — Swashikshan — which will act both as a think tank and a forum for the children to interact within a system.

Home-schooling or de-schooling, one would imagine, is all about isolation and moving away from the mainstream. This bold ideology dismisses the conventional formal schooling pattern and embraces the philosophy of curriculum-free learning and non-compulsive atmosphere for the child.

Though home-schoolers may find themselves on the fringes of society, they are not willing to be marginalised. They have now got their act together to form a common platform to give their movement an impetus. Swashikshan-Indian Association of Home-schoolers was launched recently to take this agenda forward.

“We wanted a collective force to share knowledge and resources and to remain abreast with the latest trends, information and experiences,” said Supriya Joshi, a Mumbai-based educationist and a part of Swashikshan.

“We have been witnessing an exponential growth in the number of home/de-schoolers across the country in the past four years,” informed Urmila Samson, who has been championing un-schooling in Pune.

Networking among home-schoolers has been going on for some time now and this was taken forward by networking sites such as Facebook and Yahoo groups. But these were groups scattered across the country.

“The need for banding together emerges not only for emotional and moral support but also for a better understanding of the legalese involved in the system and to pool our knowledge of teaching techniques,” Samson explained.

The idea for a national forum took root when several home/de-schoolers found themselves thrown together at an annual event at Udaipur called “Unlearning-unconference” organised by the learning activist and co-ordinator of Shikshantar, Manish Jain.

The discussions started around RTE , before moving on to more personal experiences of the challenges of home/de-schooling. “A national connection is a great idea as likeminded individuals come together and they comprise of lawyers, journalists, educations and so on.

This keeps us continuously informed and updated,” said Joshi. Swashikshan website currently lists 29 members from Mumbai, Pune, NCR, Chennai, Bangalore and other parts of the country.

However, Joshi informed that at the launch of the forum which was flagged off with a webinar exchange there were 300 participants from not only across India but also other countries.

“We also felt there was a need for creating an association which could epitomise our ideology not only on a national but also on a global level,” Joshi elaborated. Joshi who has unschooled both her daughters feels the platform gives the children to find peers across the country and increase their inter- personal interactions. “Both my daughters were initially students of alternate schools’.

However we realized that eventually, it all boils down to honing hardcore industrial mindsets,” said Navin Pangti, de-schooling parent from Gurgaon. He finds the structured pattern and mechanisation of children very disturbing.

“The presumption that a child needs to acquire pre-defined pieces of information at a certain age with no modification whatsoever and with extreme pressure and compulsion is unacceptable to me. If we define a system, we draw lines and it becomes very difficult to go beyond those boundaries and think out of the box.

So you get out of the box to think out of the box,” he added. Priya Desiken, fellow unschooling parent from Chennai and a part of Swashikshan comments, “My son Raghav left school two years ago.

He could not handle the stress, pressure and the structure emphasised on in school. His resentment towards school started growing and it transformed him into a rebel.” It got difficult for her family to handle him. So it was decided to de-school him.

“It’s a pleasure to mark the positive changes in him ever since. While in school, he had earned a repute of being a loner and shy. But now, he is a changed kid and has opened up to a large level. Self-learning has done him a great deal of good,” she noticed.

 -Reported by Ketaki Latkar


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5 Aug 2012

A class apart

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The THAC team led by Dr Vijaya Venkat will conduct an open house in Mumbai on 26th July from 6-30 pm to 8-30pm  at the Nehru Planetarium on critical issues that concern natural learning, parenting, nurturing children’s natural ability to educate themselves.

Some questions that the open house will attempt to address are:

Q Why are there so many styles and isms of parenting? Do all children have the same needs? Are all children alike?

Q Do children need to be schooled and educated to behave? What is discipline? What is learning?

Q What must children obey? Natural Laws or Nurturance Beliefs force-fed by socio-cultural-political-economic-environmental factors? What systems of Caring must they follow?

Q What is guidance? What is teaching? What is sharing? What is caring? Are we fulfilling the biological legacy that Nature in her million year wisdom has bestowed on us as Parents?

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22 Jul 2012

Caring for Children – Re Examined

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Indian Association of Homeschoolers was launched on the 14th of July at Mumbai.The entire proceedings have been captured on video and can be viewed at the links provided below:

For better viewing pls go to these links & follow the instructions


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Read the media coverage of the event here:


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21 Jul 2012


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Date: 3rd -4th August
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Venue: Ashirwad, lane opposite State Bank of India, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
Contact: Mr. Mandira Kumar Ph: 25288545, 25215191(Tue-Sat) Email Id:
Chief Guest: Vishakha Chanchani
Organizers: Sutradhar
Details: This workshop is interdisciplinary, participative and experiential. ‘Wabi Sabi’ will be portrayed through story, poetry and art forms with quiet playfulness.
The workshop will be led by Vishakha Chanchani, who trained in Baroda and has been an art teacher at several schools in Bangalore. Her workshops are inherently interdisciplinary, and break the conventional silos of learning through subjects.
The workshop is open to all primary school teachers, art teachers and educators interested in creative explorations with children.

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10 Jul 2012

Wabi Sabi Wanderings

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The much awaited launch of the ‘Homeschooling National Body’ will take place in Mumbai on the 14th July. Some of the most experienced Home-schoolers from all over India will be attending the meeting.The event will be webcast live for all. Throughout the day speakers will address various questions and concerns which home-schoolers encounter regularly. The meeting will have a cross section of panelists leading the discussions.
Join them on facebook:
See the detailed schedule here:
Browse their official website here:
For more information contact: ;

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10 Jul 2012

Launch of ‘Swashikshan”

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Dr Abhay Bang’s reminiscences of his days as a student at the Nai Taleem School in Sewagram Ashram, Wardha. It is translated into English by Arvind Gupta.

Read the full essay here.

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23 May 2012

My Magical School

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The Sudbury Valley School

By Daniel Geenberg

Year-2012; Pages-200; Price: Rs. 300/-

In the late 1960’s Daniel Greenberg – an American physicist was looking for a child friendly school near Boston for his own children. He couldn’t find one. So, a few likeminded parents got together and started The Sudbury Valley School.

This book is simply written, shorn of all educational jargon. It recounts the inspiring story of this marvelous school where children can “just be”. There is no curriculum, no classes, no grades, no coercion, no uniforms, no bells and none of the rituals which define a regular school.

Here children are treated as responsible citizens and they carry the burden of their own education. Unless asked, the teachers “stay away” from the children. Here children discover their own innate interests and then gallantly pursue them. And because they chose them, they also rough it out and learn them well. So, children become the true architects of their own education.

The book has been translated into Marati and Hindi by Arvind Gupta. Read the foreword to the book written by Arvind Gupta here.

Available from:
1-B, Dhenu Market, 2nd Floor,INDORE-452003
Tel. 91-731-2531488, 2532243, Mob 9425904428



website :

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22 May 2012

Free At Last:

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