22 Jul 2012

Caring for Children – Re Examined

Author: hashcookies | Filed under: General

The THAC team led by Dr Vijaya Venkat will conduct an open house in Mumbai on 26th July from 6-30 pm to 8-30pm  at the Nehru Planetarium on critical issues that concern natural learning, parenting, nurturing children’s natural ability to educate themselves.

Some questions that the open house will attempt to address are:

Q Why are there so many styles and isms of parenting? Do all children have the same needs? Are all children alike?

Q Do children need to be schooled and educated to behave? What is discipline? What is learning?

Q What must children obey? Natural Laws or Nurturance Beliefs force-fed by socio-cultural-political-economic-environmental factors? What systems of Caring must they follow?

Q What is guidance? What is teaching? What is sharing? What is caring? Are we fulfilling the biological legacy that Nature in her million year wisdom has bestowed on us as Parents?

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