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Resurgence Magazine (Issue No.266-267) is just out from Malaysia. It contains several of the key papers presented at the June 2011 international conference on “Decolonising Our Universities.” Third World Network website is:

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5 Jan 2013

Resurgence on Decolonising

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Swashikshan is happy to announce the first all India National Conference to be held from the 28th of February to the 4th of March, in Khandala, Maharashtra, India.

We would like to give preference to current homeschoolers, as it is very difficult for homeschoolers scattered all over the country to connect with others having similar concerns.  

However, if you are not currently homeschooling but still feel the need to attend, do send in your requests to us with your reasons and we will do the best we can. Many of us will also be available at Learning Societies UnConference 2013 which is usually held in March-April, barely a month later.

Please click on the link and read carefully before registering.  Click on all the tabs at the top of the blog to find out more about the conference.

By homeschooler we also mean unschooler, life learner, self or student led learner, whole being learner…always on the look out for a better term, we have settled on Swashiksharthi.  


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2 Jan 2013

Homeschoolers Meet

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