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CBSE has introduced an elective course on “Knowledge Traditions and Practices of India” from the academic year 2012-2013 at the class XI level. This is to be extended to students of class XII in the next academic year. The course is an attempt to reintegrate India‚Äôs best intellectual, literary, artistic and scientific traditions in the classroom. The material for the course was developed under the general guidance of Dr Jagbir Singh and the editorship of Prof Kapil Kapoor.
The ten modules of study under this subject are:
1: Astronomy in India
2: Chemistry in India
3: Indian Literatures, Part 1
3: Indian Literatures, Part 2
4: Indian Philosophical Systems
5: Indian Traditional Knowledge on Environmental Conservation
6: Life Sciences (1) Ayurveda for Life, Health and Well-being – Part 1
6: Life Sciences (2) The Historical Evolution of Medical Tradition in Ancient India – Part 2
7: Mathematics in India
8: Metallurgy in India
9: Music in India
10: Theatre and Drama in India
The content is comprehensive, well developed and each concludes with a list of resources – both books and URLs. Anyone interested in the subject will enjoy studying the course or undertaking self study from the modules.
CBSE’s recent circular on the course can be read at:
The 10 modules can be downloaded from the CBSE website. To do so, go to and scroll down to Acad-68/2012 of September; the box on the right contains the links to the modules in pdf format.

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10 Nov 2012

CBSE course on Multiversity lines

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Date and Time: November 6, 2012, 7 pm to 8 pm (India Time)
Location: chat window at <>
The live chat for homeschoolers will feature a guided Introspection via online chat.
Urmila Samson will guide the event as follows:
5 mins wait for all to gather.
5 mins guided breathing, relaxation and going to deeper space within.
As long as needed for something to emerge.
Share or privately note what emerges.
After each says they are done, spend some time discussing what to take up, how, when and where.
All interested may log in to participate

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6 Nov 2012

Live Chat for India Homeschoolers

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