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The THAC team led by Dr Vijaya Venkat will conduct an open house in Mumbai on 26th July from 6-30 pm to 8-30pm  at the Nehru Planetarium on critical issues that concern natural learning, parenting, nurturing children’s natural ability to educate themselves.

Some questions that the open house will attempt to address are:

Q Why are there so many styles and isms of parenting? Do all children have the same needs? Are all children alike?

Q Do children need to be schooled and educated to behave? What is discipline? What is learning?

Q What must children obey? Natural Laws or Nurturance Beliefs force-fed by socio-cultural-political-economic-environmental factors? What systems of Caring must they follow?

Q What is guidance? What is teaching? What is sharing? What is caring? Are we fulfilling the biological legacy that Nature in her million year wisdom has bestowed on us as Parents?

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22 Jul 2012

Caring for Children – Re Examined

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Indian Association of Homeschoolers was launched on the 14th of July at Mumbai.The entire proceedings have been captured on video and can be viewed at the links provided below:

For better viewing pls go to these links & follow the instructions


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Read the media coverage of the event here:


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21 Jul 2012


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Date: 3rd -4th August
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Venue: Ashirwad, lane opposite State Bank of India, St. Marks Road, Bangalore
Contact: Mr. Mandira Kumar Ph: 25288545, 25215191(Tue-Sat) Email Id:
Chief Guest: Vishakha Chanchani
Organizers: Sutradhar
Details: This workshop is interdisciplinary, participative and experiential. ‘Wabi Sabi’ will be portrayed through story, poetry and art forms with quiet playfulness.
The workshop will be led by Vishakha Chanchani, who trained in Baroda and has been an art teacher at several schools in Bangalore. Her workshops are inherently interdisciplinary, and break the conventional silos of learning through subjects.
The workshop is open to all primary school teachers, art teachers and educators interested in creative explorations with children.

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10 Jul 2012

Wabi Sabi Wanderings

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The much awaited launch of the ‘Homeschooling National Body’ will take place in Mumbai on the 14th July. Some of the most experienced Home-schoolers from all over India will be attending the meeting.The event will be webcast live for all. Throughout the day speakers will address various questions and concerns which home-schoolers encounter regularly. The meeting will have a cross section of panelists leading the discussions.
Join them on facebook:
See the detailed schedule here:
Browse their official website here:
For more information contact: ;

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10 Jul 2012

Launch of ‘Swashikshan”

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Syamantak the School Without Walls will be hosting a five day workshop for parents and children with a focus on home-unschoolers in December 2012. It plans to bring together creative and concerned intellectuals – parents, children, artisans and speakers. Hands-on activities on tribal thakar art and puppet making, pottery, indigenous natural medicines, yoga, trips to the seaside, etc are being planned.
Venue: Syamantak’s incubation center located at Sarsoli Dham, Sindhudurg district. The centre has comfortably furnished rooms, a yoga centre, an indigenous cow farm – home 50 Gir cows, a well equipped kitchen and hygienic washroom facilities.
Intake: Maximum 200 participants.
Contact: Sachin and Meenal Desai

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10 Jul 2012

Home-Unschoolers Workshop

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