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Dr Abhay Bang’s reminiscences of his days as a student at the Nai Taleem School in Sewagram Ashram, Wardha. It is translated into English by Arvind Gupta.

Read the full essay here.

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23 May 2012

My Magical School

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The Sudbury Valley School

By Daniel Geenberg

Year-2012; Pages-200; Price: Rs. 300/-

In the late 1960’s Daniel Greenberg – an American physicist was looking for a child friendly school near Boston for his own children. He couldn’t find one. So, a few likeminded parents got together and started The Sudbury Valley School.

This book is simply written, shorn of all educational jargon. It recounts the inspiring story of this marvelous school where children can “just be”. There is no curriculum, no classes, no grades, no coercion, no uniforms, no bells and none of the rituals which define a regular school.

Here children are treated as responsible citizens and they carry the burden of their own education. Unless asked, the teachers “stay away” from the children. Here children discover their own innate interests and then gallantly pursue them. And because they chose them, they also rough it out and learn them well. So, children become the true architects of their own education.

The book has been translated into Marati and Hindi by Arvind Gupta. Read the foreword to the book written by Arvind Gupta here.

Available from:
1-B, Dhenu Market, 2nd Floor,INDORE-452003
Tel. 91-731-2531488, 2532243, Mob 9425904428



website :

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22 May 2012

Free At Last:

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The Year On campaign seeks to encourage youth to consider taking a gap year for self-reflection, travel, practical experience and community engagement. The reason for calling it a “Year On” is to challenge the common misperception that children waste a year if they take a gap year. So rather than take a year off, we suggest taking a year on.

This campaign is timely and relevant for 3 reasons:

1) It is currently exam season and there is a lot of pressure on students.  A year on is a great antidote to this pressure.

2) Major universities from around the world, such as Harvard University, have started encouraging students to take a gap year before admissions. They feel that students who have taken a year on are more mature and can better avail of opportunities at the university level.

3) As part of this campaign in India, several school principals and guidance counselors from well-known educational institutions such as:

Mirambika, the Valley School, Riverside School, have started voicing their expert opinions that it is very beneficial on both pedagogical and social levels if the student takes a gap year. They feel that the gap year after 8th or 10th or 12th or during college should be an essential part of the

students’ educational programme for the 21st century. It promotes the students’ capacities for self-designed learning. Also these principals are willing to allow students re-admission to their schools after the gap year.

Currently the biggest barrier to the year on concept is the parents. They are afraid to let the children have any space to think for themselves. They also feel that the children will waste time in a gap year if they are not supervised/controlled by a full-time teacher. We are hoping to change this perception of the parents through the year on campaign.

We have recently developed the following blog to support students in their year on explorations.

This blog has several testimonials, resources, posters on the topic.

There is also a very beautiful book, Free from School, written by Rahul Alvares and published by Other India Press, which highlights the learning adventures of a student when he takes a year on after 10th. Foreign produced Teenage Liberation Handbook (e-copy on this website) is also an excellent resource.

Unlike many international gap year programs, there are no fees to join the Year On campaign. We believe that there is an abundance of learning resources in India just waiting to be tapped into. Some of these are shared on the blog. There also are several mentors listed who are willing

to counsel youth/parents on their gap year options in the spirit of the gift culture.

We sincerely hope that you can help us spread this option to interested youth and parents as we believe that it will create a significant ripple in the education system.

Contact Manish Jain if you need any further information

Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development

83 Adinath Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313004 INDIA

Tel: 91-294-245-1303


Skype: manishjainudaipur


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20 May 2012

Year On Campaign

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Diploma in Basic Rural Technology (DBRT 2012-2013)

Admissions for 2012-2013 now open

Vigyan ashram is presently offering admission for the ‘Diploma in Basic Rural Technology’ (Batch 2012-13). This course is recognized by National Institute of Open Schooling and useful for students interested to learn by hands. This is a multi-skill program in which training is given in the area of:
– Engineering- (Fabrication & construction& Basic Carpentry, Engineering Drawing & Costing )
– Energy & Environment – (Electrical, Motor rewinding, survey techniques, solar / biogas etc.)
– Home and Health (Sewing, food processing and rural lab)
– Agriculture and Animal Husbandry (polyhouse, poultry, goat farming, dairy nursery techniques)
Beside which computer, meditation, sports, adventure etc. are parts of the programme.
Features of the program:
1. Multi-skill program
2. Course is based on -Learning While Doing- philosophy.
3. Educational methodology- which can train students, who are not interested in learning through books.
4. Training will be given in real life environment.
5. Useful for those- who want to start their own enterprises.
6. Hostel facility available
7. Limited loan scholarships are available for deserving students. Students are expected to repay back the amount after completion of course.
8. Students are expected to observe discipline. Morning Prayer, exercise, meditation, discussion in English are compulsory.
9. Students failing to attend may be fined.
10. Medium of communication: Marathi / Hindi / English.
DBRT 2012-13
Course Duration: 10th July, 2012 – 25th June, 2013
Admission for DBRT will start from 15th April 2012
Minimum qualification: 8th STD pass, willing to work by hand, preferably from rural areas.
A] Course Fees: Rs.8000/-
B] Hostel & kitchen charges: Rs.12000/-pa (Rs. 1000 per month)
Includes breakfast – 1 time (with milk), lunch (bhakari, /chapatti, rice and, sabji), Dinner (chapatti, rice, dal, subji, curd),
Total Fees for a year = A + B = Rs.20, 000/-
Please send M.O of Rs.50/- to ask for prospectus in Marathi.
Non Marathi speaking students must ask for form in English.
To secure admission:
1. Please purchase prospectus and understand the program. If possible visit Pabal.
2. Show Vigyan Ashram documentary to student.
It is also available on Google video:
3. Let student make their own decision to join the course. Do not impose on them.
4. Fill up the application form and send it along with tuition fees.
5. Sponsored candidates should pay tuition fees plus hostel and kitchen expenses in the beginning.
6. Contact Director, Vigyan Ashram for loan scholarship.
7. See the work done by the students in the following video:
The program is supported by Asha for Education, Dept of science and Technology, Tech Mahindra Foundation, Lend-a-hand-India, INDUSA, Daimond, Meghaji and many others.
Kindly contact us for other short term Courses.
Vigyan Ashram
At Post- Pabal
District- Pune 412403
Phone: 02138 292326

Contact Person for admission:
Principle Anand Gosavi: 9960865463, 07276353282
For any queries/doubts / information, please contact
Dy. Director Mr. Ranjeet Shanbag – 0 957 973 4720
Director, Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni – 0 973 000 5016

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20 May 2012

Vigyan Ashram

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Is now accepting admission to the July 2012 batch. Age 20-27 years.

Swaraj University is a bold effort to challenge and bring change to the higher education scenario. It allows young adults to create and self design their own learning paths.

At Swaraj University there is a strong focus on sustainability and green entrepreneurship as well as on healthy personal lifestyle choices, community activism, unlearning and co-learning.

Khojis’ (learners/students) from the first batch have already received job offers or are starting their own enterprises. Several have been earning+ learning in their second year and several are experimenting with different facets of the gift culture.

For example:

Jayesh has started Banyan Roots organic store in Udaipur;

Gyan is working as documentary film maker with ‘Ekta Parishad’ social movement;

Vikas is working on naturopathy and pranic healing.

Sakhi has started the Prem-Patra project to promote slow communication and the ancient art of letter-writing.

Rahul is writing and sharing his experiences in development journals.

Orientation programmes for the forthcoming July 2012 batch will be held at Udaipur on 26th and 27th May and at Nasik on 2nd June. More may be scheduled in other places if a group is interested.

More details:

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1 May 2012

Swaraj University, Udaipur

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