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Home Schooling has come to roost in Indian homes. The breed of parents who wish to fiercely protect their rights to bring up children in a way that they deem fit seems to be growing. Their main objective: to provide for a childhood of free growth and free learning.

The incidence of home learners a decade ago was few and far between. Not so today, if one were to go by the traffic on virtual communication and social networking sites. This fact is amply clear from three recent developments.

A full half hour programme was aired recently on national news. It centered round the home educators of Pune city and their children.

Watch it here:

The Nov 28, 2011 issue of Outlook carries a full length article on Home Schooling in India also listing institutes that support such open learning efforts.

Read about it here:

Marking the movement’s official presence is a call from home schooling families to initiate a National Body of Homeschoolers under the banner of the Open Learning Foundation which presently is an online group. Its objective is to best represent the rights and interests of parents who wish to take the sole responsibility of teaching their own children.

Write to them here:

The year 2011 may well one day be remembered as a significant one in the history of Home Schooling in India. Parents with complete trust in their children and in their own abilities have made it happen. Parenting has come of age!

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22 Nov 2011

Homing Home Education

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Organised by Third Theatre Movement, Kolkata.

Anshuman Das and Malini Mukherjee are offering a “Theatre for Bonding” workshop for the age group 18 and above on 26th, 27th and 28th of November from 11 am to 5 pm at Kolkata.

The workshop is targeted to build performance skills related to theatre. Apart from this, a strong focus would be to build intra and inter personal skills like communication, expression, collaboration etc which are an integral to any performing art.

Malini had been involved with Third Theatre Movement since her university days. She and Anshuman are the founder members of Saanko, a third theatre group in Santiniketan.

As theatre practitioners they have conducted workshops for several groups of theatre enthusiasts. As educators (their second passion) they have used theatre as an education tool for both teachers and students.
To register, please contact Anshuman (9433079847) or Malini (9432338436) by 20th Nov or mail at or

Requested contribution is Rs 100/- per participant towards venue hire charge.

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14 Nov 2011

Theatre for Bonding Workshop

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