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is a  new blog that has just been launched by Chittaranjan Kaul. It is intended to provide a space for discussing topical questions on education. The two posts, so far, engage with the  reader on  Child Centric Practices.   The link to the blog is

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6 Oct 2010

Sanvaad Education…

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A professional architect couple had to learn basic masonry skills – the use of mud, wood and thatch – from the tribals of Sittilingi and Gudalur, Tamil Nadu. Having experienced firsthand how the education system discounted all traditional systems of knowledge, they set up Thulir, a learning centre, in 2004. On turning six, it was recently evaluated by its present students and alumni.

Read (evaluation and journey so far) how children who thought Tamil Nadu was a country and America a vegetable have gone on to become entrepreneurs, nurses, farmers; are studying theology, learning application of appropriate technology hands-on  and gaining in self confidence.

At Thulir, both head and hand skills find a nurturing milieu.

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1 Oct 2010

Thulir turns six !

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