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The meeting held at Bangalore on Apr. 18 to discuss how the RTE would affect alternative/innovative schools and homeschoolers had an enthusiastic attendance that surprised all. Based on  inputs from participants, a position paper to approach various agencies is being drafted.

The Delhi High Court in a writ filed by Sandeep Srivatsav on behalf of his daughter, had stated that the aspects of alternative schools and homeschooling were probably missed by the Ministry and that he should approach the Ministry within 8 weeks (from April 13th ) and if not satisfied could go back to the court. This therefore coimpels the Ministry to look into the matter and opens the matter up for negotiations.

In the Meantime, NIOS has communicated to B Ramdas of Vidyodaya, Gudalur that the Open Basic Education Programme will continue for  a time (letter attached).

On April 29, a group meets at Pune for further discussions.

28 Apr 2010

Reporting on RTE

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The Right to Education Act (RTE) that came into force on the first day of April amidst celebrations from many a quarter across the country, has left several alternative education initiatives, parents of homeschooling children, educators and scores of concerned citizens feeling unsettled.

A class VI pupil from Mirambika, Delhi had to challenge the RTE in the Delhi High Court  to bring it to the notice of the Govt. of India how much the Act is in the disinterest of the child and how much it comes in the way of real education.

Homeschoolers from across the country have united to form an association to defend the rights of their children; the Network of Alternative Schools from across the country is to meet at Ashirwad, St. Marks Road, Bangalore on April 18, 2-00 pm onwards to frame strategies to continue to offer children real education inspite and despite of the RTE.

It is to be an open meeting, all are welcome. Watch out for posts on developments here.

17 Apr 2010

Challenging the RTE Act of India

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In January 2010, the Department of Sociology (DoS) of Delhi University formally inaugurated a brand new European Study Centre at its premises funded by the European Union. The Centre would help in the “re-design of the existing sociology syllabi of the M.A. and M.Phil progamme at DoS” in consultation with European scholars. The Europeans were willing to pay 300,000 Euros for the two year programme of the Centre.

The question we may rather impolitely ask is where was the need for such a program considering that the DoS, like every other university department elsewhere on the planet, has been teaching European sociology now since the days it was first set up. Read the rest of this entry »

13 Apr 2010

After Euro Kids, Now Euro Adults

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For some months now, was down due to problems with servers. This has been sorted out, but in the process we have lost our domain name ( Members and fellow travellers can now access the site through www

We may take a few weeks before everything on the new site is back to normal, but bear with us.

10 Apr 2010

Multiworld Back On-Line

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